• Program Benefits



In addition to the inherent benefits that come with a broader understanding of working in a global context, the course also provides these added perks:




You will be paid a competitive salary that mirrors what our top-tier MBA hires earn.





Positions will initially be fixed term assignments of 24 months with a subsequent option to extend based on mutual agreement.





Housing is provided as a part of our package. Mahindra will arrange for its recruits, for the duration of the contract period, an apartment in Mumbai’s upscale neighborhood of Bandra, with easy access to restaurants, stores, cafes and health clubs nearby. In addition to individual bedrooms and bathrooms, the apartment comes furnished with all modern conveniences including air conditioning and cooking facilities. Domestic help services for housekeeping, cooking, and laundry are also available for the equivalent of around $50/ month.





Mahindra will pay your airfare to and from your assignment in India along with one round trip to your home country during your contract period. Additionally, Mahindra will also cover any domestic or international travel expenses incurred for work-related purposes.





You will receive international-standard medical/dental/vision insurance coverage and reimbursement for medical expenses.





You will receive 25 working days of paid vacation per year.





The greatest benefit of all is the unparalleled personal and professional experiences you will have living and starting your career in India. Whatever your future professional or academic plans, having experienced India will benefit you (and your resume).