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The Global Recruit Program commences with an intensive induction process at Mahindra’s global headquarters in Mumbai. The Global Recruits are introduced to the top promoters at the Mahindra Group and are given a detailed overview of each of the Group’s sectors and businesses. Following this introduction in Mumbai, the Global Recruits are taken on a tour of Mahindra’s offices and operations across India, where they are exposed to businesses as varied as steel forging and vacation timeshares. Finally, the induction process finishes with a session at Mahindra’s corporate retreat centre, where Global Recruits are provided with an intensive training program that prepares them to jump into a two years of work in corporate strategy.





In the first year of the program, Global Recruits are placed with the Group Strategy Office. The Group Strategy Office, or GSO, is an internal consulting practice that is responsible for ensuring a robust strategy cycle across the Group.



Here, Global Recruits are assigned to the role of an analyst on a real time project in the GSO, which can range from researching/crafting marketing strategies for a Group company to finding synergies within the Group to promoting corporate initiatives such as Mahindra’s Rise brand campaign. Global Recruits work with a mentor, typically an MBA graduate from one of India’s top business schools, who assists on the project and helps Global Recruits in understanding Indian corporate culture.



A Global Recruit’s first several months in the GSO are spent in a research capacity, in which he or she learns about the sector to which he or she has been assigned to, its relevant Group companies, and their markets. Thereafter, Global Recruits become part of project implementation teams, which provide them with hands on experience on all aspects of GSO projects -- and can vary from working on sales strategies to conducting consumer insight sessions to identifying acquisition opportunities for our Group businesses.





In the second year, Global Recruits are transferred from the GSO to one of Mahindra’s diverse corporate units where they continue to work, learn, and contribute to Mahindra’s global business operations. At the end of the second year, they are given an option to return back to their home countries or continue their tenure at Mahindra for a longer period of employment.


Continuing with Mahindra’s culture of innovation and independent thinking, Global Recruits are always encouraged to use their unique experiences and educational backgrounds to come up with their own ideas on new business initiatives and ways to improve existing ones. Past recruit initiatives have not only enabled the group to revamp and realign its corporate and operational structures, but also initiate new business entities within the group, and even new companies.