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The Global Recruit Program, by offering recent graduates the opportunity to work and learn with one of India’s largest business houses, gives Recruits the chance to become equipped for the next era of global commerce.


We are looking for young people of all nationalities in the final year of their undergraduate studies at Ivy League universities in the United States who are interested in augmenting their academic credentials with knowledge earned through opportunities offered by the Mahindra Group.


If challenges are what drive you, if you are an independent spirit, and if you believe that true knowledge comes from experience, then this is where you belong.



The Mahindra Group participates in on-campus recruiting programs across the Ivy League. To apply, use your respective university career portal and submit the following three documents:

  1. A cover letter that details your interest in (1) the Global Recruit Program, (2) the Mahindra Group, and (3) living and working in India for two years.
  2. A resume that details your prior educational and professional experience.
  3. An unofficial transcript.


Please write to [email protected] if you need any additional information on the Global Recruit Program.