Michael Delfs

Abigail Hein
Brown University
B.A. (International Relations)
Mahindra Global Recruit 2010


  • Jackson National Life Insurance, Denver, CO, Summer 2007
  • Shimbwe Soccer League Founder and Director, Tanzania, Summer 2008
  • IDE: International Development Enterprises, Denver, CO, Summer 2009



My experiences prior to joining Mahindra gave me significant background in the non-profit, NGO, and sustainability development sectors. Using a grant I received from Brown, I spent one summer creating and implementing a soccer league for children in a rural village in Tanzania. It was organized chaos, but the lessons learned there and during the other internships I had prepared me to take the leap of faith and pursue a corporate job in India, something I previously knew little about.


Currently, I am working from Mahindra’s Office of Strategy Management (OSM) in Mumbai. I have been assigned various research and marketing projects involving Mahindra’s agribusiness company, Shubhlabh, and Mahindra’s power generating company, Powerol. In an ironic twist, my first assignments have given me the opportunity to gain further insight into two of the world’s most important sustainability fields: food security and power. Mahindra is a diverse and growing company, and the projects available here are both varied and demanding. I am excited to see where my work will take me during the rest of this year and beyond.



I have often been asked why I chose to move to India right after graduating college, and while I do not have the perfect answer, I knew this was an opportunity I could not let pass. As an International Relations major, it was very important to me that I seek postings abroad in my first career. Once I began to learn more about Mahindra and India, I was sold. The energy and excitement here about the growing economy makes India a stimulating place to work, and the rich and vibrant culture make it a breath taking place to live. It is hard to leave the office or my apartment and not be swept away by a religious festival or tempted by delicious street foods.


Moving to India is not like moving to New York City. It takes time to settle in and get into the swing of things, but Mahindra made sure to address all of our needs and help us feel at home. Our apartments in Bandra, Mumbai are plenty spacious and the neighborhood is very safe. Mumbai is a vibrant and globally connected city, and it offers residents a taste of everything: nightlife, culture, history, arts, and great food! If you look for it, you can find it. Likewise, our salaries allow us to lead a very comfortable lifestyle here and save enough to see other parts of the country.


Living and working in India can be very challenging and frustrating, but with humility, humor, creativity, and a lot of persistence, it can present new and unimaginable opportunities for personal and professional growth.