Michael Delfs

Allison Kammert
Columbia University in the City of New York
BA Political Science and Economics
Mahindra Global Recruit 2015

Current GSO project:

I am currently working for Mahindra Lifespaces, which is Mahindra's real estate arm. I am helping them plan the social infrastructure for the two World Cities they've developed.


Potential Sector/Company:

I would love to explore Mahindra Finance, which provides financial services to communities in rural India.


Career Goals:

After Mahindra, I hope to work in international development in some capacity, and after that, maybe foreign affairs or diplomacy. Nothing is set in stone though, and I’m excited to see how my exposure to different sectors within Mahindra inspires my next career moves!



Outside of work I love traveling, music, being outside, dance, and trying lots of new foods (which there are plenty of in Mumbai!).


What were you doing before you joined Mahindra?

Before joining Mahindra, most of my work experience was at various NGOs, both at home in the US and abroad (I spent a summer in Mumbai in 2013 and a summer in Amman in 2014).


Why did you decide to join Mahindra?

I decided to join Mahindra because I wanted to explore the corporate world at a company whose values aligned with mine – while it’s true that Mahindra is a for-profit company, one of the company’s central tenets is driving positive change wherever possible. Many of Mahindra's companies and initiatives drive economic growth in some capacity, whether it's Mahindra Finance, the Rise Prize, or the affordable housing project within Mahindra Lifespaces. Furthermore, I liked the organization of the two year program. The opportunity to rotate through several projects and sectors during our first year in the Group Strategy Office, followed by a second year in a sector of our choice seemed to promise the opportunity to explore a variety of businesses we might not otherwise have the chance to expose ourselves to. So far, this has definitely happened for me.


What is it like working and living in India?

It’s definitely exciting. If you’ve grown up anywhere in the US, moving to India will get you out of your comfort zone for sure. But while there are inevitable challenges involved in living in a city so different from what you’re used to, the city makes up for it in fantastic, colorful, and often delicious experiences that you never thought you'd have.


What has been your favorite experience so far in India?

I went for a corporate offsite in Kolad, India with the Lifespaces office. While we were there, we went water rafting. It was really hot, and at a certain point where the current is pretty strong, they let us jump out of our rafts and just float down the river for half an hour. So imagine me floating along with seven older colleagues that I'd just met, all of us wearing matching floaties, chatting about everything from how to make a marriage work, to where to find the best street food in Mumbai, to religious politics in the city. It was something I never would have expected to happen to me, but I'm very glad it did.