Michael Delfs

Danfeng Wu
Columbia University
Economics and Mathematics
Mahindra Global Recruit 2012

Sector/Company: Mahindra GenZe, an Electric Scooter Company based in the US.

Years at Mahindra: 1

Hobbies: Yoga, travel and learning languages

What were you doing before you joined Mahindra?

I was enjoying Columbia and New York City for four years. Before that I grew up in China.

Why did you decide to join Mahindra?

Because I’ve prior to joining Mahindra, I had never been to India -- but from my studies, I had found it to be an undervalued country with a lot of potential. It encompasses broad, diverse and colourful cultures, however the world has yet to discover its full beauty. I believe there is some gap here and hence great opportunity for me.

What are you doing now?

I’m managing the international suppliers for GenZe, and teaching Chinese for Mahindra employees on the side.

How do you find Mahindra as an employer?

I find it to be open-minded and willing to experiment and explore compared to many other Indian companies. I also find it with an ambitious vision and a global perspective. I am certain it will achieve its goal to become one of the world’s best brands in the future.

What has been your best India experience?

Translating for Zhang Yimou, one of China’s most famous film directors, during his visit to Mumbai.

What were your favorite projects during your time at M&M?

My current job because I get to be on the front end and see my efforts pay off and really make a contribution. I also enjoy working on the Blue Chip Conference in Beijing last year. I was able to use my Chinese knowledge and management skills and met a lot of great people in the company.

Outside of the office, what are your favorite activities in Mumbai?

Driving through the winds at night along Marine Drive.