Michael Delfs

Georgios Drossinos
University of Pennsylvania
B.A. (International Relations)
Mahindra Global Recruit 2009


  • Infosys Technologies (Bangalore, India – Summer 2008)
    InStep Intern (worked in Retail, CPG and Logistics Industrial Business Unit [IBU]).
  • Dropps (CPG start-up) (Philadelphia, PA – Summer 2007)
    Summer Intern (worked on various brand management projects).



July 2009 - May 2010

During this period I was a Deputy Manager in the Office of Strategy Management, essentially a group that helps Mahindra Group companies with strategy-oriented projects. Specifically, my experience revolved around these projects:

  • Mahindra’s entrance into the US compact pickup segment. Two of my activities were compiling competitor case studies and conducting market research to assess the future of the segment, especially vis-à-vis full-size pickups.
  • Mahindra United FC, the company’s now-defunct professional football team. I was part of the team that was in charge of assessing its viability as an independent business entity within the Mahindra Group. After extensive research and strategy sessions, culminating in a business plan, the decision was made to shut down the club. Soon thereafter, the company began a non-profit ground-roots sports initiative for India’s youth.
  • Mahindra United Football Tournament. I was the Project Manager for the company’s first inter-sector football tournament.
  • Mahindra’s new online face. The Mahindra Group is currently in the process of revamping its online presence. As part of the development of an online strategy, I conducted best-in-class case studies.


May 2010 - Present

I am now working within Mahindra’s Automotive Division in the Logan brand team. The Logan is the company’s sedan and since May I have been working with the brand team to help revitalize the brand following the break-up of the JV with Renault in April 2010. Among other activities, I am leading and coordinating the online rebranding campaign and are collaborating with the sales team in Kerala to increase sales in the Southern Indian state.



This is my second stint in India. The first was a summer internship in 2008 in Bangalore for Infosys Technologies. The professional, cultural and personal experience was such that when recruiting came around the following fall I wanted to secure a full-time job with an Indian company in India.


So here I am again, now with an additional 12+ months of ‘India’ under my belt! Needless to say, this experience has also been wonderful. And this time I have really managed to immerse myself in Indian culture, whether it be at company staff meetings, working with our local sales teams, religious festivals in Kolkata or weddings in Mumbai.


In fact, I feel part of the city and I sometimes like to refer to myself as a Mumbaikar – or at least that’s what I tell my Indian friends who are always amused! Mahindra, Indians and Mumbai have all been extremely welcoming. Specifically, Mahindra’s GRP program has been very rewarding on a professional level. As you can hopefully see from my list of projects, I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in a number of activities and in each one of them I’ve been given the opportunity to make a real difference.


Moreover, whether it be frequent travels across India or going out to some of the city’s best locales, I have enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle. At the same time though, while Mumbai is an extremely lively and exciting city (during the day and night!) it does come with challenges such as poverty, traffic, and humidity. My advice is to come here with a lot of energy and excitement and be ready to go on a two-year journey that will forever change you on so many different levels.