Michael Delfs

Heshika Deegahawathura
Yale University
Mahindra Global Recruit 2014

Sector/Company:I’m currently working with Mahindra’s Renewable Energy Company- Mahindra Susten. At Susten I work on strategy and new business initiatives in the renewable energy space. Before transitioning into my new role I worked on strategy with Mahindra’s Group Strategy Office.

Career Goals: After two years at Mahindra, I hope to pursue either a law degree in International Law, or head to Business School for an MBA. However, I’m also interested in International Politics, and hence might pursue a masters in International Relations or International Security. Eventually I hope to return to my home country, Sri Lanka, and be involved in both the corporate and public spheres there.

Hobbies & Interests: Reader, outdoorsman, movie buff, foodie, driver, photographer, traveler!

What were you doing before Mahindra?

Before Mahindra, I did two internships with the government sector in Sri Lanka. During my final summer in college, I did a structured joint-internship with MAS Holdings, Duetsche Bank Sri Lanka, Dialog Axiata and 3M, which gave me a multi-dimensional perspective into business. I was also involved in an extensive research project in Laos on Social Entrepreneurship, which gave me a unique understanding of the social enterprise realm

Why did you decide to join Mahindra?
Mahindra is a truly global company that has reach from the most rural of villages to the most cosmopolitan of cities worldwide. It’s a corporate leader in one of the most exciting economies in the world. Over the next few decades India is poised to thrive in the global setting. Being a GRP Mahindra would allow me to gain experiences in a whole range of sectors ranging from automobile manufacturing to agriculture. I wanted to gain a first-hand understanding of the emerging Indian economy and how business is done in India.

What am you looking forward to in India?
I'm looking forward to exploring the myriad cultures and geographies India has to offer! I’ll hopefully leave with exciting and inspiring memories that would last me a lifetime.

What has been your favorite experience in India so far?
Visiting rural communities in Rajasthan to assist in creating education related strategies which empower rural children.