Michael Delfs

Ngoc Nguyen
Brown University
Mahindra Global Recruit 2014

Sector/Company: Mahindra Finance & Mahindra Partners
Career Goals: to gain essential insights on rural finance in India; help companies make more informed decisions, by understanding their business and the market through a data-driven approach.
Interests/Hobbies: infographics and data visualization, photography
What were you doing before you joined Mahindra?
Undergraduate student at Brown Univeristy
Why did you decide to join Mahindra?

While I was not clear what I wanted to do after college, I knew I wanted a first job in which I can learn a lot and can good exposure to business. The GRP program at Mahindra came as the perfect choice for me!
What are you looking forward to in India?
I spent my last two years of high school in India, and I absolutely loved this country. I look forward to having another adventure here, and gain experience in doing business in India.
What has been your favorite experience so far in India?
Conversations with students and parents in rural India on their views on education. It was eye-opening and made me respect how much they come through to attend schools.