Michael Delfs

Oladoyin Phillips
Princeton University
Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Mahindra Global Recruit 2014

Sector/Company: Mahindra Logistics. I am responsible for the data analysis needed to make decisions regarding how the company’s new hub and spoke network should be structured.
Career Goals: They seem to change all the time. At the moment I am focusing on harnessing my technical (quantitative) skills with regard to data analysis. I think there is a huge mass of data to be understood, even at the most basic levels. Across a variety of sectors in developing economies, perhaps excluding finance and a few others, many decisions are made based solely on experience and not enough data analysis. So I think there is a huge potential for development there and I want to be a part of that.
Interests/Hobbies: Reading (Fiction), singing, cleaning my room (it's therapeutic) hanging out with friends, listening (and dancing) to music... Among other things.
What were you doing before you joined Mahindra?
I was at Princeton studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering. The previous summer I worked on a logistics project with the executive assistant to Aliko Dangote, CEO/President of Dangote Industries Ltd. It was a great experience and one that made me realise that I wanted to develop a career through experiencing different roles and industries.
Why did you decide to join Mahindra?
I wanted to keep my trend of international experiences. Hence the attraction to a job in Mumbai. I was also attracted to the idea of Mahindra Rise. I respected the firm's culture and wanted to be part of a company that emphasises making positive impacts through the products and services it offers. 
What are you looking forward to in India?
Developing a good attitude towards things I find unpleasant, but are really not that big a deal. In other news, I think I have had enough of temples to last me a while. Definitely more travel around Asia though. Recently started piano lessons, so I am looking forward to seeing how that turns out.