Michael Delfs

Omar Ben Halim
Brown University
BA Political Science
Mahindra Global Recruit 2015

Current GSO project:

Africa Desk, where I'm currently working to create an umbrella brand image and positioning that a variety of Mahindra companies entering Africa will fall under. It's a fascinating project that is made challenging by the huge variation across different African countries and Mahindra companies.


Potential Sector/Company:

Mahindra Partners/Mahindra Logistics/Mahindra Finance. To be honest, I could see myself working in almost any of the Mahindra companies. Who I’m working for and with, and whether my work is interesting and challenging is significantly more important to me than the industry.


Career Goals:

I try not to set concrete step-by-step goals for my career because life seems to be too unpredictable, and opportunities have a habit of emerging when least expected. It is important to me that my work stretches me, makes me a little uncomfortable, and is something that has a meaningful impact. Further work in Africa or India is something that I would find interesting. I would also enjoy working in small, intensive teams. Ultimately I’m interested in running my own business and building my own team, in anything from clean tech to real estate.



Eating good food, skiing, travelling, football, exploring Mumbai and, nerdy as it sounds, reading the news and following current events.


What were you doing before you joined Mahindra?

I was having a great time studying at Brown. I spent my summers working for an investment consulting firm in Boston, studying Arabic at Middlebury and working for an international law professor at SOAS in London. All of these experiences taught me a great deal.


Why did you decide to join Mahindra?

I chose to join Mahindra because it offered me several unique opportunities. The rotational aspect of the program, and the multi-industry nature of Mahindra mean that I can gain exposure to a wide array of different industries, helping my professional development and giving me more of an idea of which direction I would like to take. One also has more responsibility here than is likely in a first job in US which has helped to accelerate my learning. Finally, gaining exposure to an economy such as India at this early stage in its growth is highly exciting and a useful experience.


What is it like working and living in India?

Come and see! Reasonably chaotic, extremely energetic, and a great deal of fun. One certainly has to adapt. There will be times when you are confused and intimidated, but living here teaches you flexibility, patience and humility. It also teaches you how and when to dig in and push for what you want. I have never been anywhere remotely similar.


What has been your favorite experience so far in India?

These questions are tough. Maybe that one time a couple of friends and I were driving bikes down country lanes in Goa with the sun shining and the wind whistling by. I’m a fan of the morning commute too – a drive down the Sealink with the towering buildings of Mumbai on one side and the endless expanse of the Arabian Ocean on the other.