Michael Delfs

Russell Mason
Harvard University
B.A. (Economics)
Mahindra Global Recruit 2010


  • Research Analyst at The Trion Group, Dallas, Summer 2007
  • Economic Development Research at CEPAL, Santiago, Summer 2008
  • Marketing Intern at GameStop, Dallas, Summer 2009



India in 2010 is a really exciting place to be. This country is transforming. Business is growing. A modern society is developing at an incredible pace. With a degree in Economics, and travel experience in other developing nations, I was intrigued by the prospect of experiencing India’s growth story first hand and decided to take the plunge to come out here.

Now on the ground, I confidently feel living and working in India is one of the best opportunities for personal growth I could have as a twenty-two year old. Navigating a foreign culture on a daily basis not only has opened my mind further, but is continually teaching me situational skills that I will carry for the rest of my life. 

Beyond the clear strategic advantages of participating in a growth story that will define global business and politics during our lifetimes, I’m happy I moved out here for the sheer adventure of it. Mumbai is unlike any other place in the world I have visited and I’m continually inspired, frustrated, educated, and edified by my experiences here.



My first three months at Mahindra have been spent on two very rewarding projects. My primary project is for our real estate division, Mahindra Lifespaces, where I am evaluating opportunities for the international expansion of our Integrated Business Cities. My secondary project has gotten me involved in the Mahindra-NBA Challenge, a grassroots partnership bringing basketball competition to major Indian cities. 

These projects are plenty interesting on their own, but became even more rewarding when given the responsibility to shape their forms and really own their results. Moreover, my work has sent me throughout India and has exposed me to executive management throughout the group. Incredibly, in my first three months on the job I had the chance to personally present my work to the Managing Director of this 7 billion dollar conglomerate. 

The opportunity for self-definition, high-level impact, and exposure for members of the GRP is extraordinary for an entry-level position. While living and working in India isn’t for everyone, I would strongly recommend this program for those interested in emerging markets and a career in business.